Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program is an entirely different and separate  area of Heritage Academy than its Domestic Arts and Industrial Arts Classes.

The Apprenticeship Program is available only to High School level students who maintain required Academic levels in core subjects.

If a student qualifies in their Academic level, they may be considered for Apprenticeship with a local, or area, pre-approved business. 

The Apprenticeship responsibilities will be completed one afternoon per week.


  • Veterinarian

  • Medical

  • Dental

  • Construction

  • Educational

  • Banking

  • Various Businesses 

  • Law

  • Manufacturing

  • Physical Therapy

  • Elderly Care

  • Various Service Contractors and Businesses

The student must have:

  • Highest character of personal responsibility and willingness to serve and help; especially even the mundane and difficult work that may be asked of them.

  • A signed waiver of both parents and students as to any and all liability to entity or person must be on file. 

Transportation must be paid for and arranged by the parents and family.

No apprenticeship assignment will occur without the full approval of parents or guardians.