Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weekly schedule for Academic programs?

    • Monday through Thursday is Academic work; "Book Learning". Students are learning in the core academic areas including: Science, Math, Reading, and Literature.​

    • The Monday through Thursday academic time schedule is 8am to 3:45pm.

2. What are books fees and costs?

​      Enrollment and Processing Fees:

  • Registration Fee:  There is a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee to cover the cost of diagnostic tests, educational testing, and record keeping. This fee is to be paid at the time of enrollment/re-enrollment.

  • Activities Fee:  There is a $50.00 activities fee to cover the costs of computer training, student medical insurance, and field trips. 

  • A.C.E. Curriculum Costs:  There is a flat rate fee of $250.00 for the year to cover the cost of educational materials used by the students.

3. What type of uniform and dress code is              required? What are the costs?

  • All students wear polo shirts from French Toast. Boys wear khaki slacks from French Toast and girls wear skirts purchased through the school. Costs vary.

4. Can my child choose their own Vocation Education  area?

  • Not in general. We want all students to experience as wide an area of experience as possible, and to learn to appreciate other's areas. As they grow older and show a particular interest and skill in certain areas, we may allow a greater focus in that area.

5. What is a "Director"? 

  • A Director is the person who has the general oversight and responsibility to schedule, coordinate and see to it that students vocational education happens.

  • Heritage Academy has two Program Directors, a lady for the Domestic Arts Classes and a man for the Industrial Arts Classes.

6. What is the authority structure of Heritage      Academy?

  • The Pastor

  • The Principal

    • Supervisors​

    • Monitors

  • Directors of the Vocational Education:  Domestic Arts and Industrial Arts Programs

    • Class Instructors​