Vocational Education Classes

The aim and goal of Heritage Academy's "Hand" division of our Educational Program is to teach students not just "how to" do various skills, but how to:

  • be creative

  • start with raw materials and products

  • design, process, build, and manufacture

  • package, promote, and market products of all kinds

  • determine the true costs and expenses, and whether a true profit was made

  • operate efficiently and orderly

  • develop entrepreneurship 

In some cases apprenticeship may be possible with area businesses.


All vocational studies are currently being done Monday through Thursday on Campus. 

Home school students are welcome to participate in the Domestic Arts and Industrial Arts Classes. Contact Miss Farris for more information in regards to being enrolled.

Program Details

The Domestic Arts and Industrial Arts Classes is not employment, or a "job". It is multi-faceted training that is an integral part of the students education experience at Heritage Academy.

Every student has the opportunity to attend  assigned responsibilities of study.