Enrollment Information and Process

1. Read and familiarize yourself with all information found on our web-site.

2. Call or come by for a preliminary visit and enrollment packet.

3. Pray and seek the will of the Lord in this decision.

4. Read and understand all support, physical, and financial responsibilities to determine whether you can agree with our program.  

5. Have a family interview with Academy Superintendent and Principal. 

6. If Accepted:

  • Diagnostic testing....as needed

  • Uniform ordering information given

  • Beginning date set. 

  • Dedication, self-discipline, and obedience are serious requirements to attending Heritage Academy.

  • Interviews and references provided will help determine a students admittance, and continuation at Heritage Academy.

  • We desire all our students  live in love, joy, and vibrancy each day, but we understand that not all students are ready for the self-discipline, and dedication required at Heritage Academy.

  • Cheerful submission, and obedience to God ordained authority is required.